Monday, July 21, 2014

Screen Printing Sunday at Grease Diner

Screen Printing at Grease Diner
I am totally addicted to finding new artsy activities on Groupon and Living Social. This month I found a great Groupon deal for the Grease Diner in Oakland. The kids started planning their shirts 2 weeks before we actually went. When the day finally came they were so excited. They weren't disappointed either.

The whole process took about 2 hours. Before actually printing each shirt, there were a number of test prints on different materials. Each of the kids left with about 6 different prints on the various materials in addition to their shirts. They were thrilled!

John and Laurie were awesome. In addition to the screen printing classes they have a store front filled with all kinds of different artwork from local artists. I even saw stuffed animals from a San Francisco Artist who I'd meet at FabMo a few years back!

The kids can't wait to go back. Next time I will plan to make a shirt for myself too. I will bring the blank t-shirts for us all though. They provide them at the Grease Diner for a very reasonable price but the selection is limited. I'm pretty particular about my t-shirts too. I don't want to come up with an awesome design and then print it on a shirt I'll never wear.

All in all it was a great experience that we would recommend to everyone.

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